The Performance Appraisal Conversation

Weekly Readings and Videos

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Performance Appraisal Conversations 

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Examples of Adjectives, Verbs, and Descriptive Statements for Use in Performance Appraisals 

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Reinventing Performance Management: A Deloitte Case Study. Jogi, O. (2015, Apr 13).

A MyPerformance Guide to Performance Conversations 

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Difficult Conversations with Employees: 9 Crucial Rules to Remember. Novakovic, A. (n.d.).

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  1. Review the following: Performance Appraisal Scenario 
  2. Consider the following template as a guide to having a performance appraisal conversation: Preparing the Appraisal Conversation 
  3. After reviewing the scenario and template, think about one of your past performance appraisal meetings and answer the following:
    • Describe the environment (door closed; phones turned off); tenor; opportunity to respond, etc.
    • Did your manager follow a prepared template?
    • On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being highest), how would you rate the communication effectiveness of the exchange? Why?
    • What could your manager have done differently? If you could make one recommendation regarding the communication during the meeting, what would you suggest?

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