The Psychological Effects of Genocide

The Psychological Effects of Genocide
Surviving One’s Self:
The Psychological Effects of Genocide
There are particular mental disorders that are associated with genocide which can only be diagnosed through certain methods, however, there are those who are more at risk than others for developing such disorders and the way they cope with them can either undermine or advance their progress in overcoming it.

I. Introduction
a. Bosnian Genocide Background
b. Rwandan Genocide Background
II. What are the common mental illnesses that are associated with genocide?
a. Depression
III. How are these disorders diagnosed?
a. Harvard Trauma Questionnaire (HTQ)
b. Hopkins Symptom Checklist-25 (HSC-25)
c. Life Events and Social History Questionnaire
IV. Who is the most at risk for developing a mental disorders?
a. Women
b. Children
c. Elderly
V. What coping mechanisms do the survivors develop?
a. Drug Addiction
b. Domestic Violence
c. Religion

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