The realm of video games.

We would like you to write a (Bachelor’s) thesis statement on a topic within the realm of video games. A few things should be considered when brainstorming: * Before working on a thesis statement, we should approve the idea first. If we are not satisfied with the idea (afterall, we’ll be spending months writing it), revisions are required until the statement meets our expectations. * We are probably going to produce a video game (in Unity 3D) in accordance with the Bachelor’s project. This needs to be tied into the statement as well – it could be a source of comparison within a topic. * Something that can be covered and answered in around 30-40 pages (72.000-96.000 characters including spaces). * The thesis statement should follow the taxonomy levels: ‘account for’/’outline’ – ‘analysis’ – ‘discussion’ * You should be critical when finding sources. The sources should answer the thesis statement. You will need to provide us information about the sources. There is no limit nor minimum on the amount of sources that you need to find. * Please point out with each problem within the thesis statement which source(s) that will answer them. * If you want the deadline to be extended, we can most likely figure something out if it’s short-term. * We are allowed to order revisions free-of-charge. If we’re not satisfied with the thesis statement, we should be able to get you to revise. * When we are satisfied with the thesis statement, we will need to show it to our professor to get it approved. He might have some comments that we’d forward to you, so final changes can be made. * You are not allowed at any point to publish or share the thesis statement or parts of it with anyone.

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