The reflection of a movie titled ‘Migrant Dreams’ (2016)

The reflection of a movie titled ‘Migrant Dreams’ about 1.5 hours. Answer some of the questions. Although there is no specific format
you need to follow, please consider the questions below as a means of ensuring your reflection in well rounded
and involves critical thinking. • What new information did you learn? • What did you find surprising? • Do you
find anything upsetting or are you pleasantly surprised? • Has your opinion about the topic changed? If so,
how? If not, why not? • Will this at all change your behavior around your daily food habits? • Is there any
information you think is bias? • Is there any information that is missing for you to further develop your insights?
• Would you like to learn more about this topic? If so, why? If not, why not? You are not required to answer all
or any of these questions specifically. These questions are to guide you and help you think more critically,

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