Project description

You are a contract manager who has been employed as a consultant by a public sector organisation on the supply of an IT project. You will be involved in the tendering process, negotiation and post negotiation activities. The chosen contract will be involved in the supply of both hardware & software and other associated activities. It is expected that many of the sub system incorporated into the system will be sourced outside the European Union.<br />
This is a very difficult and challenging exercise involving legal issues, health and safety, financial considerations and negotiating with contractors with regard to payment terms and conditions.<br />
Your answer will be assessed on the clarity of your argument (referencing applicable cases and laws as appropriate), structure, grammar and reasoning. <br />
You should discuss areas relating to- <br />
Offer, acceptance and settlement of contracts, including letters of intent (20%)<br />
Areas of potential dispute, liability of each party in a contract dispute, (20%)<br />
Health and Safety issues, title to property and tort law. (20%)<br />
Good Business Planning (includes scheduling and project planning) (20%)<br />
Conclusions and Recommendations (10%)<br />
Presentation of the report, structure, written style (10%)<br />
(Each of the above sections will be weighted as shown above) <br />
In all cases the report should be more than descriptive collations of individual submissions or library material (sources should be referenced in detail, notions alone are not acceptable) should illustrate relevant aspects of theory and accepted practices, and demonstrate thoughtful analysis and discussion of key issues.<br />
you will find old work to use as guide for format and structure of this report


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