‘The ‘sharing’ economy

Key Requirements

  1. Word-count: 2,000. Please identify word-count on the title page of your assignment. There is NO +/- 10 %.
  2. Abstract of 150 words maximum (not included in word count). Do NOT include sub headings within the abstract or key words. Please see The Services Industries Journal for abstract style although note that ‘key words’ are not required.
  3. To be submitted no later than 12 pm on Friday April 20 2018
  4. Use journal format (see Appendix 1)
  5. Use the ‘Harvard’ system for citations and referencing (see ‘Citing References: a guide for users’, 9th edition). Note 1: Similar systems using adapted protocols will also be accepted provided these are used in a correct and consistent manner. If in doubt, though, refer to the guidance immediately above. A copy of the guide is available on the NOW content section for the module.


‘The ‘sharing’ economy is one of fast growth. Using specific examples critically discuss the benefits of this type of business model and whether ‘sharing’ is always beneficial.

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