The specific policy, strategy, and/or approach for your topic

Goals of the Federal National Drug Control Policy that requires community involvement. 1.The specific policy, strategy, and/or approach for your topic. 2.The origin of and/or reason for the policy, strategy and/or approach. 3. What is the intended outcome of how change is expected to occur through the policy, strategy, and/or approach? 4. What types of resources will the strategy, policy and /or approach require? 5.What are the “costs” of the specific strategy, policy and/or approach? (Please discuss how the “costs” can be more than monetary.) 6.How does the current policy, strategy, and/or approach involve each of the following: counseling and treatment professionals, legal professionals, families, students, educational institutions, governmental entities, and other community organizations, professionals, and/or individuals? 7.What ethical considerations could arise for the counseling, treatment, and legal professionals involved with the particular strategy, policy, and/or approach? 8.What would you do to improve the current policy, strategy, and/or approach?

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