The United States National debt

Attach the final draft of the business research paper here. This is the draft that represents the semester’s research work. This is the draft that will receive a grade. Make sure it complies with the following: Research Requirements: Business Principles Purpose: The research project is designed to for you to review a business subject area that is of particular interest to you. Research sources may be from textbooks, the internet and library at your college and other outside research sources. You MUST notify the instructor of your topic prior to submission to ensure alignment with the course content. The written document should include 10 pages:  Cover Sheet, 1 page (Title, student name, date centered vertically and horizontally)  Table of Contents, 1 page  The work (tell me the results of the research) double spaced, first line indent, font size 11 or 12, Times New Roman, Courier New, or Arial. Only these three font styles are acceptable. Use A.P.A. guidelines for citing references and the use of headings. (see APA document)  Summary and Conclusions (tell me what you learned from the research – what you told me) 1 page  Appendix of materials, if desired and appropriate (the appendix is used for supporting materials not included in the text body and is rarely used – use it if you want)  Bibliography (the reference page listing the sources cited in the paper), on a separate page. Be sure to follow APA referencing guidelines.

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