The US-Saudi Partnership is Vital

 Evaluating the reliability of news sources Questions to ask:1. What kind of article are you looking at? Is it a news story, an editorial, an opinion piece, or an advertisement? – A news story is a factual piece that informs the reader by answering questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how.- An editorial is a piece representing the newspaper’s views.- An opinion piece is an article reflecting the views of an individual or group.- An advertisement is designed to promote economic or commercial gain. 2. What is the main point of the story? Does the headline and the lead support the main point of the story? – Does the headline actually summarize the contents of the article? 3. Has the story answered the questions of Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? – How objective and thorough is this? Is it as up to date as possible? Is more than one point of view represented? 4. What evidence supports the main point of the story? What evidence has been verified? How was it verified? What evidence has not been verified? Is the evidence direct or indirect? – What proof does the article offer for its arguments? Has the evidence been checked and verified? 5. What kinds of sources are cited in the article? Are they reliable? How do you know? – Do sources have expert status? Do sources have a stake in the issue that could show bias? Adapted from “Evaluating News Sources,” University of Texas Library System, Recognizing biasTypes of bias 1. Commercial bias Does the news represent the commercial interests sponsoring the news organization? 2. Temporal bias Does the news only report “breaking news?” Does it follow up with older stories? 3. Visual bias Do images provoke specific responses or prejudice the viewers? 4. Sensationalism Does the news source only report dramatic, emotional, or exaggerated aspects of a news story? 5. Narrative bias Does the narrative of the story have a plot line? How does the news sourse resolve it? 6. Fairness bias Is more than one side of the issue presented? 7. Expediency bias Is the news reported under a deadline, and does it shape how the news is presented? Adapted from “Evaluating News Sources,” University of Texas Library System,

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