The virtual situations do not compromise patient safety. It is also a controlled environment that can be altered by the educator if there is a need to create a learning curve.

Need replies to two posts as if it were me. Min 150 words per post, min 1 scholarly source (No later than 5 years old) per post, APA format, No title page needed.


Post 1


A virtual learning environment (VLE) has been used as an integral part of education enhancement over the past few decades. With the emergence of new technologies, online education and learning presents another option to the traditional classroom. In VLE, the students can experience a diverse type of learning such as collaboration and meaningful conversations in an online community, video conferencing or even practice in some virtual laboratories. In this type of platform, students are urged to become a proactive learner and are achieved through active participation and interactions with peers and faculty and providing substantive responsive and scholarly information (Tschannen et al., 2012). The student is able to make mistakes without the risk of the patients life. Students are able to navigate in a VLE the same as they navigate in the real world. There are many different kinds of the virtual worlds which interact with all ages. There are worlds which have education theme, the aim of these worlds is to encourage active exploration which brings a sense of intent curiosity and willingness towards those worlds.

Second Life (SL) is one of the most popular virtual worlds. It includes a great many people who have online interaction and participate in social activities they offer. It offers education in fields like medical, entertainment, business and teaching etc. Second Life (SL) not only enables students but also teachers to engage with a number of students in ways that would not be possible in the real world (Tschannen et al., 2012). The advantages of the virtual world include cost, location, and engagement. It will benefits opportunities to create, comment and share content. Engage with people having a different culture and acquire a new skill. It helps in having self-paced learning and finding new ways to solve problems which are usable in the real world. The VLE provides opportunities to provide greater opportunities to learn and practice nontechnical skills as clinical judgments, communication, and teamwork. This methodology works anywhere internet access is available, no particular, classroom is required (Tschannen et al., 2012).


Post 2


One benefit of virtual learning is creating an atmosphere that is inclusive for online students. Sometimes when taking online course it is easy to feel alone. The virtual learning environment is a visual area that can be explored and navigated. I personally feel like a benefit of assignments through a virtual learning environment exposes me to scenarios that have been created for me to experience and learn from due to the fact that throughout nursing school there were so many scenarios that never presented themselves in the clinical setting for me to learn from. The virtual situations do not compromise patient safety. It is also a controlled environment that can be altered by the educator if there is a need to create a learning curve. “As healthcare evolves, the student learning experience must also evolve” (Hudson, Taylor, & Jeffries, 2013). The technology is advancing rapidly and we as healthcare professionals need to be able to adapt to the changes to become proficient in the use of new technology. Being exposed to different modalities of learning prepares healthcare professionals for the computerized technology that is being implemented into our professional world right now. Learning how to access and navigate these systems in school when there is an educator present for guidance serves as a benefit later in the real world of our career. Technology will not be exactly like the virtual learning environment, however it will give us some confidence when we remember back to first exploring VLE and thinking how hard it was to get started verses the feeling of mastery upon completion of this class. It is also very possible in the future that we as the healthcare professionals will be educating our patients on the use of technology to assist in the management of their disease process.


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