The Yellow Wallpaper


The woman behind the wall paper symbolizes the women state of imprisonment in their domestic life as a result of feminist critics. The narrator is not pleased by her husband who always controls everything she does making her feel like she is locked in the marriage. She has no time on her own to do what she wants as she feels that her husband is always watching her. The woman takes the shape of the wallpaper where the narrator views the sub-pattern in the wallpaper in the form of a desperate woman continuously stooping and crawling seeking for escape from behind the core pattern which takes after the cage. The cage is seen to hold many women who are intimidated in their effort to escape. The narrator insanely submits to what she believed the yellow color in the wallpaper represented. She identifies the faint figure of a woman and “shake the pattern as if she wanted to get out. “ In the end, the narrator becomes fanatical about the wallpaper pattern that changes with the light in the room and the figure that seemed to be trapped behind that pattern. In the determined efforts to rescue the trapped figure, the narrator watches her to begin crawling and shakes the pattern. She later pulls the paper herself but argues that at the end of the day she would return to the room as her routine. Through her imaginations on the presence of women creeping behind the pattern of the wallpaper, she begins to believe she is one of them and suppose that she would get back when the night comes. She then locks herself in the room as it’s the only place she felt safe to strip the remains of the wallpaper. His husband finds her creeping, circling the walk and touching the wallpaper claiming she had freed herself by pulling most of the paper and she believed that they would not be able to get her back. Her terrible repression was attributed by her constant thoughts about her solitary confinement and freedom deprivation which intensified her quest for freedom of expression .According to the narrator, the woman in the wallpaper is more of a prisoner, the same case she is a prisoner in her room. Everything she does there must be an approval from the sister-in-law and the husband. However, this subjects the woman to a mental depression which nearly intergraded to a psychological illness.


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People should not look down upon the women with the psychological illness .In the story narrator seems to be trapped by a patriarchal order as she is detained in what used to be the nursery. Having the yellow wallpaper in mind it makes it difficult for her to get a room of her own as it is hard to escape from the patriarchal oppression. The narrator follows the pattern in the wallpaper unsuccessfully in the efforts to divert her thinking and end up being confused and inconclusive. The continuous, confusing pattern represents the narrator position and the irrational patriarchal structure respectively. The trapped woman in the wallpaper symbolizes the narrator circumstance.

Equal rights for both men and women should be promoted in order to build self-confidence and encourage individuals to practice self-expression. From the story, women should not allow themselves to feel or get trapped by men and the social perception, instead they should step out since at the end they got the final power to do whatever pleases them.

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