Theoretical Analysis paper on a current event using philosopher Plato’s ideals

 Theoretical Analysis Papers: Twice during the semester, students will be required to produce short theoretical critiques that are two-three (1-2) pages in length. Each analytic paper must be written in essay format, contain a complete introduction and conclusion, be double-spaced, be typed in 12-point font in the Times New Roman style, adhere to standard guidelines of citation, have one-inch margins, and have a bibliography. The paper should also contain a separate title page which includes the following: your name, the course title, semester taken, and the title of your paper. Do not forget page numbers (Bibliography and Title pages do not count). Do not add extra spaces between paragraphs. Each paper must contain at least two (2) sources, one of which must be scholarly. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and Wikipedia do not count as sources. Magazines and newspapers may be used as additional sources, but they do not count as scholarly. The following are suggestions on how you might frame your analysis: 1.) Write a paper in which you use one theorist’s approach to critique another’s; or 2.) Use a theoretical approach you have learned in this course to analyze a current event/issue. Do not write a historical paper. Do not write a psychological analysis of a theorist.

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