This assessment contributes to your learning by assisting you to critically evaluate relevant literature on a topic which relates to your clinical and professional practice and that will extend/advance your professional development and clinical expertise. Within the critical evaluation, you are asked to consider the implications on practice, service delivery and patient outcomes.

Task description
For this assessment you are required to write a critical evaluation of anyone of the topics from your course modules:

Ensuring quality care;

The essay should be 2000 words.

1. Clearly identify the topic you have chosen at the beginning of your paper (in the introductory paragraph).

2. Critically evaluate your identified topic – this means to literally pull it apart – consider the literature and what it means – develop arguments for and against the main issues – there are always two sides to every argument.

3. Presenting multiple aspects demonstrates your ability to think laterally and critically.

4. What are the significant issues related to this issue and why have they occurred?

5. What role do perioperative nurses play in this process – consider the nursing role in your topic area and how does this relate to the interdisciplinary health care team and the patient.

6. Relate the identified issues to either patient outcomes or impact on staff.

7. Identify and discuss factors that either impinge upon or enhance the process, issue or practice.

8. Support all aspects of your work with reference to the current evidence- based (research) practice and professional literature on this topic. Minimum 15 references.

Critically evaluate your identified topic. To evaluate means weigh up and discuss the strengths and/or weaknesses of something – in essence, you are asked to make a judgement about something. This judgement must be supported, using valid material (theories, models, academic articles etc.) as evidence. In this task you are asked to evaluate current practices, approaches and, if relevant, issues in your chosen topic.

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