This assignment consists of two (2) sections a publish of your business plan and an income statement containing your business plan financials

 Business plan

This project is divided into two (2) parts: a published version of your company plan and an income statement that includes the financial information from your business plan (i.e., Week 7 Discussion “The Financials”). Note: To complete this assignment, you must submit both portions as independent files.


You must have plans to raise capital for your business. You can begin by borrowing money from friends and family, but eventually you’ll need money from outside investors, either angel investors or venture capitalists, depending on how much cash you anticipate needing to raise. If your product satisfies the needs of such audiences, crowdfunding is yet another potential revenue stream.

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You must create a business plan that persuades an investor that your company will prosper before you can raise money.


Business plan, Section 1 (MS Word or equivalent)


Read Successful Business Plan Chapters 18 and 19 in the course textbook. As a general guide, refer to the plan preparation forms at the end of each chapter of the Successful Business Plan.


Write a fifteen- to twenty-page (15–20) business plan that includes the following:


Based on the comments you have received, edit the following previously submitted sections:

Company Information (First Assignment)

Industry Trends and Analysis (First Assignment)

(Assignment 1) Strategic Position and Risk Assessment

Market Focus (second assignment)

Contest (second assignment)

Marketing Strategy and Plan (Assignment 2)

Make a plan for ethics and social responsibility.

Note: The business plan should have three to five (3-5) pages for the Ethics and Social Responsibility section.


Describe the steps your business has taken to be a responsible corporate citizen.

Consider the following suggestions:

generating work

observing all applicable regulations in any country where your business conducts business

Employees are treated honestly and fairly.

ensuring employee equality and broadening the diversity of your workforce

Hints: If your business is a social venture, which means that its main objective is the achievement of social or environmental goals, define those goals and the components of your business that are intended to help you achieve them. Give a justification for your decision to make this a social venture or not.

Discuss the environmental impact of your company’s operations and outline the steps you’ll take to lessen any bad effects.

Hints: If you’re a beverage firm, think about things like the packaging you choose, how consumers will dispose of bottles and packages, and how you’ll use resources like water in places where it might be in short supply.

Find out if the product you are promoting has any negative or good health issues or claims. Describe the plan your business will follow to reduce any problems and make sure any good claims are accurate.

For some population groups (such as youngsters and pregnant women), a lot of beverage items are unhealthy. Describe your company’s strategy for ensuring that only the right market segments are targeted and reached through distribution, advertising, and/or other channels.

Format your essay in accordance with the following guidelines:

Mention the sources you used to finish the exercise. The quantity of resources employed in the activity is not limited in any way.

be typed with one-inch margins all around, Times New Roman font in size 12, double spacing, and APA or school-specific reference style. If there are any more instructions, ask your lecturer.

Include a cover page with the assignment’s title, your name, the name of your professor, the name of the course, and the date. The needed number of pages does not include the cover page or the reference page.

Section 2: Financials for the business plan (MS Excel worksheet template)


The Income Statement, Cash Flow Projections, and Balance Sheet sections from the “Business Plan Financials” MS Excel template should be updated and submitted for year one (see: Course Required Files in Week 1).

The specific learning objectives for the course linked to this assignment are:


Describe the methods of strategic planning that are used to create alternate plans of action for achieving the objectives of the firm.

Make a plan to carry out a company’s strategy and control the shift from ongoing operations.

Consider methods for demonstrating the internal leadership required to promote the implementation of strategic goals and raise operating excellence.

Investigate challenges with strategic management using technology and information resources.

Utilizing appropriate writing techniques, write about strategic management in a clear and succinct manner.


This assignment will be graded according to the following criteria: the quality of the answers, the paper’s logic and arrangement, and the student’s language and writing abilities.

The Drink Fresh Company’s Financials

A non-alcoholic beverage firm called Drink Fresh hopes to become a major player in this market with the help of its organic drinks, which promise to take care of the majority of the health problems the American population is now experiencing. In order to capture some of the market share for super-premium juices, Drink Fresh plans to take advantage of the declining popularity of carbonated beverages.

The Funding Sources and Uses

Sources and Use of Funds details where you will obtain funds for your company and how you plan to use any loans or investments. This is something a loan officer or potential investor would like to see. Friends and family who wanted their $20,000 seed money back by the end of this year with no interest or by the end of the second year of business with 5% interest donated it to the Drink Fresh firm. I wanted to invest my inheritance of $40,000 in Drink Fresh. We were successful in getting a $1,190,000 loan from a family friend. Because it is a fledgling company, Drink Fresh will benefit from tax deductions from the government.

Plan Hypotheses

Drink Fresh had assumed that its first month of operation would be January 2017. With the appropriate training, our staff members are well-equipped to service the Florida community’s clients. Drink Fresh’s quality, level of customer service, and price are superior to those of our rivals. We offer one brand and various flavor options based on customer preference. Each employee will have a specific role to play, and only the designated accountant—not the cash handlers—will be permitted to record any journals. All cash or receipts will be put in the bank each day, and everything will be monitored and inventoried every day.


Breakeven Evaluation

When your company will be able to cover all of its costs and start to make a profit is determined using the breakeven analysis. It’s critical to understand your beginning costs since they will enable you to calculate the sales volume required to cover ongoing operating expenditures (Abrams, 2014). You must determine your fixed and variable costs in order to determine your breakeven point. Rent and administrative wages are two examples of fixed expenditures that don’t change depending on the number of sales. These costs, which are frequently referred to as overhead costs, must be covered regardless of sales. Costs that are subject to variation, such as inventory purchases, transportation, and product manufacturing, change in direct proportion to sales volume. The following equation can be used to calculate your breakeven point:

Breakeven point = fixed costs/ (unit selling price – variable costs)

Drink Fresh unit price is $2, unit volume 82000 and the variable cost per unit is $1.50. My yearly breakeven point will be $75,709.

Abrams, R. (2014). Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies (6th ed.). Palo Alto, CA: Planning Shop.



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