Managing Quality


The prescribed text for this course is:

(2007). Dale, B.G., van der Wiele, T., and van Iwaarden. Quality Management (5th edition) Wiley-Blackwell is based in the UK.
1. Your word count for this project should not exceed 3000. On this word count, a 10% variation is permissible.
2. You should properly acknowledge instances where you have quoted or directly used ideas from other sources by utilizing APA citations and references.

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Case Study: The company Krayoz Services Ltd. is thinking about implementing a quality management system. Ozzie Krayski founded the company, which has been around for around five years. From a single home service provider, it has expanded into a sizable franchise with twenty providers in New Zealand. Ozzie is still active in his own service delivery company, although he is not a member of the current franchise management group. However, his granddaughter Natalia has recently been selected as quality manager for the entire franchise, and his son Sergei serves on the board of directors. They get together frequently as a family, and Ozzie stays in touch with the entire company.

From the beginning, Ozzie liked what he did, and his first workers likewise found enormous fulfillment in helping people at home. The franchise group’s primary goal is to offer high-quality home-based services, such as gardening and housecleaning. Since the idea was franchised, the company currently has 100 owners and staff spread around the nation. Although part-time workers make up the majority of the workforce, administrators and service providers also work full-time.
Each franchise owner offers their customers home services. The organization as a whole has had great success with this, and several of the members have strong connections in the service sector. For instance, Ozzies Group collaborates with regional healthcare organizations to guarantee that surgery patients who are recovering receive high-quality care.
Contacting local clients or customers is the first stage in the business process. The following procedures are to make contact with specific prospects or submit proposals, find service personnel, create service schedules, provide the service, and assess the provision. The effectiveness of interactions between staff and stakeholders is critical at all times. In fact, managing connections is one of the most crucial areas overall. The local franchise owners network with other business owners in the region and rely on accurate information to attract clients. In order to deliver quality home services, service providers must also ensure that the clients are happy with the work and interactions involved.
In a recent email to all franchise owners, Natalia discussed ways to enhance the overall management of quality. Her email displayed her zeal for quality, as she noticed several problems and suggested some fixes. Some of the receivers, however, were not as appreciative, and one of Ozzie’s old friends, Charlie, got in touch with him about some issues. He has many concerns about what this new method will imply for his company, especially since some of the employees are dissatisfied and fear that a change in process will increase their workload without increasing their pay.
Your duty
Natalia wants to provide Ozzie with a brief explanation of quality systems after he has gotten in touch with her. She has requested that you help her out here. Your assignment is to present an analysis that addresses the following using the information at hand:
1. Quality control
a) Describe quality management in plain English as it would apply to Krayoz Services Ltd. (10 marks).
b) Think about how the following three groups at Krayoz Services Ltd. (15 Arks) might be impacted by the implementation of a quality management system.

• Franchise owners; • Part-time staff; • External customers
establishing or incorporating a quality culture.
a) Talk about the conditions for establishing a quality culture. (10 marks)
b) Examine the potential costs and advantages of adopting quality management. You should describe two expenses and two advantages that pertain to Krayoz Services Ltd. in your analysis.
(20 marks)
3. Finding methods to raise quality
a) Describe each phase in Krayoz Services Ltd.’s entire business process, and then point out any two areas you believe present opportunities for value addition.
mention two crucial times (15 points).
b) Slightly describe how comprehending the significance of value-adding opportunities and moments of truth might help to improve quality.
(10 marks)
Recommendation 4.

Provide two recommendations and justifications for the management of Krayoz Services Ltd. to start their quality journey in light of the information currently available (10 points).
Additionally, there will be presentation marks given.

• The overall presentation should have an introduction, any necessary appendices, proper citations, organization, clarity, and length.
• Please take note that while you are free to use any suitable arrangement for your analysis, the four selected topic areas should serve as the main headers.
(10 marks)
[100 marks total]

Phase 1
In this course, we will spend a lot of time studying Module 1. In actuality, three weeks are allotted in the study plan for this section.
In Module 1, a variety of subjects are covered. These include: o What constitutes quality, and who assigns it?
Total Quality Management: The Cost of Quality, Consumers, and Moments of Truth

Some of these ideas, or perhaps parts of them, may have crossed your mind before. For instance, you presumably have a general concept of what quality is. But in this study, we’ll delve a little deeper into quality itself and how it’s impacted by other factors.
You can find some tasks to help you focus your studies in the learning guide. As an illustration, the first task asks you to consider several viewpoints on quality before looking at the definition of quality. As you progress through the module, you might want to try some extra activities.

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