Elizabeth Taylor Quilliam modified Alice Kendrick’s “Seven Exercises” from Readings in Account Planning, executive edited by Hart Weichelbaum


what you plan to do
• Decide which habit, procedure, customer experience, or query you wish to address.
Be precise.
If you’ve never dyed your hair, for instance, you might look into hair coloring.
Or, if you’ve never shaven, you might wish to examine the behaviors associated with shaving facial hair.
• Select interviews and determine your target audience.
Once more, be exact and detailed to create a cohesive group.
You might decide to interview folks who frequently colour their hair or daily shaven guys, for instance.
• Create a list of screening questions based on the preceding two processes to determine your participants.
• Create a discussion/interview guide.
• Hold 5 private in-person interviews.
• Review your data.
• Produce your last report.

What should be in your report? (18 pts)
1. Study Goals (what did you hope to learn, and why?)
2. Approach: how you chose participants and obtained data. 3. Findings: what you discovered based on the interviewees’ responses.
Here, you should provide a data summary and your own insights.
4. A summary of findings and recommendations for additional investigation
5. Include your interview questions and screening questions.

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How your report must seem (2 points)
• Use Times Roman or a comparable 12-point font with 1-inch margins and double-spaced text.
• Ensure that your name, PID, course name, section number, and date are all included.
• Your report should be 4 to 5 pages long, stapled, excluding any attachments.
• Accurate grammar, spelling, and punctuation are necessary; mistakes will result in a loss of points.

How will your report be graded?
The thoroughness, accuracy, ingenuity, and adherence to all requirements of the assignment will determine its grade.
Individual assignment for 20 points in ADV 342
Due on November 30, 2015, at 3 p.m.
Account planners must employ a range of strategies to comprehend customers.
This task is designed to aid you in honing one of those skills.
By speaking with those who actually engage in the habit, you will attempt to comprehend something you have never done before.
You’ll research attitudes, words, motives, and problems related to the use of products or conduct that you yourself do not partake in.
You’ll discover something new and develop the ability to think differently from yourself.
Immerse yourself in something you’ve never done before.
Choose the intended product usage or behavior for your study, and then locate five people who actually utilize the desired behavior or product.
After speaking with them, share your insights.



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