This exercise asks you tochoose onehominidfrom bellowandlook at twowebsitesabout

This exercise asks you tochoose onehominidfrom bellowandlook at twowebsitesabout that hominid, then respond to the information in aminimumof two pages.  1)“The Hobbit” or Homo floresiensisRead the New York Times article “Homo floresiensis” ( and answer the following questions:What are the debates concerning the discovery of H. floresiensis?Where were the fossils found and why is this relevant?What feature (i.e. body part) is particularly distinct in the skeletal structure ofH. floresiensis?Also visit the Smithsonian website “What does it mean to be human?” and investigate Homo floresiensis(  Answer the following questions:How long ago did Homo floresiensislive?Whatis island dwarfism?How did H. floresiensisprobably survive?2)Neanderthalsor Homo NeanderthalensisRead the New York Times article “Neanderthals and the Dead.”(How were Neandertals behaving that indicates symbolic thought?What would this behavior tell us about a Neandertal belief system?Also read the article “DNA analysis reveals how humans interbred with Neanderthals” ( and“Why Am I Neanderthal” ( and answer the following questions:How many times humans and Neanderthals interbred and what is the evidence?How does this evidence impact our understanding of human evolution?Who else have we interbred with?3)Anatomically Modern Humans (AMH’s) or Homosapiens sapiensRead the Smithsonian article “The Top Ten Daily Consequences of Having Evolved” (  What are theconsequences and how are they/wea product of evolution?  Go to the Smithsonian website explore the website.  Scroll down and click on “Evolutionary Tree” then “FirstDiscovered” and so on. Write about the information you read.   Include information from “How They Survived.”
Essay and Homework Requirements: Minimum of 2 typedpages of your writing (not including heading or prompt)12 point font size1 inch margins on all sidesDouble-spaced throughoutSpell-checked, grammar-checked

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