This is a narrative research paper should follow a traditional narrative structure that is, youll want a beginning, middle, and ending

This is a narrative research paper should follow a traditional narrative structure; that is, you’ll want a beginning, middle, and ending:

Beginning: Start your essay by presenting the problem or issue in a way that draws readers into the story. What did you choose to study, and why did you choose this topic? You should explain how you became interested in your topic and connect your interest to your research problem. The beginning of your essay should state the goal of your project and present the question(s) that you will attempt to answer through your research.

Middle: Review the research that you have done. In this section, you should analyze that value and relevance of your sources, and what you learned or haven’t learned. This is more than a report or a “run down” of your sources. Instead, it should be detailed and probing, examining different aspects of your research problem, and synthesizing complex information and different points of view.

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End: Wrap up your essay by providing a sense of closure. You do not necessarily need a solution to your research problem, but you should indicate that your project has moved forward in a meaningful way. You may evaluate how close you are to a potential thesis for writing an argument or discuss what research you still need to do.

IMPORTANT!!! Six or more scholarly sources. Only use 4 internet sources.

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