This unit discussion meets CACREP standards/Counseling, Prevention, and Intervention C.3 – Knowledge Collaboration and Consultation M.4 – Knowledge.

This unit discussion meets CACREP standards/Counseling, Prevention, and Intervention C.3 – Knowledge; Collaboration and Consultation M.4 – Knowledge.


Send in the sections of your case assessment project that follow:

Section 3: Choice of Approach (3 pages) Select group therapy to evaluate the following:

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If group counseling is used, decide how you will deal with the child’s concerns in a group setting. Talk about the group interventions and activities you plan to use. Describe how you would add aspects that would assist the child in dealing with crises linked to bullying, school transitions, and other developmentally likely circumstances from a preventative viewpoint. Additionally, look at the child’s developmental stage and describe the developmental concerns you want to work on with this child. Family therapy is covered in Section 4 (3 pages). In a family session with all of your family members or guardians present, use a family systems theory and talk about how you can use it. Get the client’s complete family together for a meeting. Name the relatives of the client. Talk in depth about the family’s rules and boundaries. Do you need to give the parents some examples of parent education? If so, which model would you employ in the session, and how would you introduce it?

A title page, the assignment’s body with the client description and all previously finished sections, and a reference list are all required components of your assignment paper.

References should be used to support your parts. There should be at least 15 references overall, with 2 to 3 new references in each part.


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