This week, you have been learning about the significance and characteristics of

This week, you have been learning about the significance and characteristics of quality contemporary realistic and historical fiction. Among other qualities, these genres must present stories that seem real to life. Characters, settings, and plots must ring true for readers in order for them to make connections, both intellectually and emotionally, with the text.Take time to consider the following quotes about contemporary realistic and historical fiction:”Good contemporary realistic fiction illuminates life, presenting social and personal concerns in a fully human context … . Realistic fiction portrays the real world in all its dimensions; it shows the humorous, the sensitive, the thoughtful, the joyful, and the painful sides of life … . Contemporary realistic fiction offers the opportunity for young readers to think about and measure their own lives; we might say that contemporary realistic fiction can put us in touch with our lives.” (Galda, Liang & Cullinan, 2017, p. 250).
“Fine contemporary realistic fiction rings with truth. It offers readers multiple lenses through which to view the world and themselves, allowing them to become finer people–more compassionate, more knowledgeable, more heroic than they are in real life.  Realistic fiction can be the mirror and the window in which we readers see our better selves.”   (Galda, Liang & Cullinan, 2017, p. 277).”No matter what form it takes, outstanding historical fiction shows that history is created by people, that people experience historical events in individual ways, that people living now are tied to those who lived in the past through a common humanity, and that human conditions of the past shape our perceptions of the present, our lives today.”   (Galda, Liang & Cullinan, 2017, p. 294),Keeping in mind the above thoughts, reflect on what you have learned about the role of themes and characters in contemporary realistic and historical fiction. Then, respond to this week’s Discussion prompt.By Day 3Post responses to the following questions:As an author of contemporary realistic fiction or historical fiction, what would be your greatest responsibilities and challenges?What would you hope that your readers would gain from reading your book?

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