Thompsons PCS model

To comprehend the process of social marginalization and how discrimination occurs in society, today’s lecture focused on forms of discrimination and social marginalization. Before the session, we had a “topic” to investigate. During the lecture, we split into “topic” groups to discuss what we learned and decide on the definition of our topic, as well as three key takeaways and how they relate to social work.
The discussion of various sorts of prejudice then moved on, and I learned about the Thompson PCS model, which I had never heard of before.
After that, we discussed social marginalization, its definition, variations worldwide, and how it affects students studying social work. Following that, the lecturer discussed social inclusion and mentioned the Family Group Conferencing Model, developed in New Zealand and now utilized throughout Britain.

Learn about the Thompson PCS model and how it might relate to social work or social marginalization.
Also, research white privilege and how it could affect social work.


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