Those Winter Sundays And The Bean Eaters


After reading Those Winter Sundays and The Bean Eaters complete the following assignment and post in the discussion board:


Those Winter Sundays (Links to an external site.)

The Bean Eaters



Directions: After reading the poem The Bean Eaters, analyze it through the SOAPS method.

SOAPS is an acronym to remind you to ask yourself several questions about a poem to establish some background for understanding

S: SUBJECT OF THE POEM-What is the poem about?

O: OCCASION-What is the time and place of the poem and what might have prompted the poet to write it?

A: AUDIENCE-To whom is the poet writing?

P: Purpose-What is the poet’s purpose? Is it to express an emotion, or tell a story, or convince someone of something?

S: SPEAKER-What do you know about the speaker based on the poem?


Complete a SOAPS analysis for The Bean Eaters by Gwendolyn Brooks.








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