Time, Memory and chunking

Time, Memory and chunking
Is there a postive and negative correlation between time, memory and chunking. Chunking in psychology is a process by which individual pieces of information are bound together into a meaningful whole. Page one,Introduction: Literature Review. Articles must be from peer reviewed journals. Focus on findings. No secondary sources. The Hypotheses:Testable and concise;linked to literature. Discussion: Relate to Hypotheses, Indicate if you confirmed your hypothesis. Limitations:Reflect on the limitations of your essay. Indicate specific what limits the internal and external validity of the essay. Describe the next study-based on your results and the limitations. If you found significant results-think of how you might expand upon your study-perhaps other variables to consider. If you did find significant results- think of modifications in your procedure or materials that would increase the likelihood of significant findings in a future essay.

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