Titan School Solutions Presentation

Mission, Values and Visions from the mouths of the lead employees: For the mission statement, it is us as consultants to provide excellent customer service meaning we take the time to listen and address what the customer perceives as an issue/concern. Each district needs to be considered important, as if they are TITAN’s only customer with the attention to detail we owe to our customers in their drive to be successful. We pride ourselves in growing as a company and not losing that “family touch” consultants were to have with the districts. Other companies have support personnel that you are unable to approach or talk to. TITAN needs to be that outlet where customers feel confident and comfortable enough to approach our team when they make that call, knowing that we will be there for them regardless of the issue/question. The values, we as consultants need to make sure we are doing everything in our power to make the customer successful. Taking the time to explain the software, taking the time help the districts understand what is going on, and taking the time to make sure the district is well. There was an issue back in the day when people would rush through calls to simply say “I did X amount in a day”. It shouldn’t be a race to finish the calls, nor should it be a race to get districts to go live in X amount of time. The service I hope to provide with TITAN is for them to enjoy the experience with the software while learning how better themselves. No one wants to talk to a heartless robot with lines and no personality. If I am going to pick up the phone to call TITAN, I want someone who is enthusiastic, energetic and nurturing where we don’t make the customers feel bad for their mistakes or what they potentially did wrong. The vision for the company, it is endless. The company has the potential to be the top software provider in the country for Food Services. The product is dynamic, modern and effective if the districts and consultants work efficiently during the implementation. We can expand into new territories with how good the product is to get the districts through the door, but it is up to the Support Team to keep them. We have to prepare our team for the questions that will be asked, or the issues being brought up with internal training. There is not enough of that going around to where the team is knowledgeable of the software, and there needs to be a stress/emphasis on how to treat customers with honesty, dedication and patience. Satisfied customers are not enough, we need to create raving customers and we do that with the attention to detail. #2 • Mission: To support the operation of school nutrition programs through point of service, meal application, menu planning, production record, inventory, purchasing, accounting, online payment, and family notification software. • Vision: To be the school nutrition software program with the best user interface, the best functionality, and the best customer service. • Values: Accuracy, Functionality, Support, Service #3 Titan’s mission is to provide a free meal to all children in the US We want to be the best there is for any POS sellers out there. Customer service is our number 1 priority, we want to exceed their expectations. All customers are treated equally. Everyone is provided the same level of service no matter whom they are. During implementation they are called within 24 hours of receipt of the order. If no answer and email is sent. Follow up is done weekly until they have been scheduled. We call them prior to go live, after go live and approximately a month after that to see how things are going with them and if there is anything they need from us. We are proactive with each of them. For example a school calendar must be in Titan prior to the first day of school otherwise they won’t be able to feed students. Our team checks each district to see if a calendar has been uploaded if not they are called and emailed until one is uploaded. I can tell you from prior experience Titan is customer service orientated and want all of our customers to feel as though they are the only one that we have.

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