Your NewBusiness


Like many people before you, you have chosen to launch your own business.
You’ve studied several choices and concluded that your proposal is workable and appropriate.

Yourprojectcanbeassmallorasbigasyouwantto.In a similar vein, your idea need not be “unique.”For instance, you might think of expanding an old concept into a new application or delivering a service or product to a new market. It is advisable that you select a theme that is not totally fictitious or imaginary. The closest you are to reality, the easier it will be for you to think your project through properly and present it to others. Ideally, you want to present something that you are sincerely contemplating as a different course of action.
You must seek the assistance of financiers, lenders, and investors to launch your new firm.
You erect. The money required for your objectives. Therefore, you must put up a business proposal that will include a thorough business strategy and any other supporting documentation that will persuade your audience to support you. You should be sure of how much funding you will require, for how long, and how you will repay it in a way that will be worthwhile to your supporters.
It is crucial that your presentation and written proposal address the topic sufficiently and in a way that gives listeners and readers confidence in the strength of your arguments. It is worth keeping in mind at all times the golden rule:
You+idea=(money/credit+facilities/people)+Product/service+marketing= Money/credit=Profit

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A panel of experts who represent institutional lenders will hear your presentation and obtain a copy of your report. The other students in the class will act in the role of ordinary investors while also evaluating your concept.
Presentation orally

Your presentation should be about 15 minutes and you are expected to have prepared slides on the topics of discussion. It will be followed by questions from the panel and the audience. You are welcome to bring your guests along, especially if you are trying to convince them to invest in your business!
Report layout:

1. Title of the Agreement (Business Name)

Your name and course (F/TorP/T),

Three. ExecutiveSummary (1 Page)

4. Use proper headings and subheadings

5. Any appendices

6. A few presentation slides (to persuade the buyer to purchase our good or service): I require a PowerPoint file and a Word file.

There should be word processing, 112 lines of space, and page numbers.

Student name: Business plan: Marketing strategy
Title of a business plan

a- Idea or concept (15 Marks; originally, technological components & MARK2: test with Clint before releasing)
(15 Marks) b- Executive summary 1 page
c- Report Quality and Presentation (10 Marks) (Length, Appearance, etc.)
d- Chapter components and report structure (Maximum 50 Marks)(0–5 points each)
1 The company’s goal and related strategy
2 Main functions, goods, and history
3. The marketplace, consumers, and competitors (who is my target audience)
4- Development and research
5. The administration
(6) The framework for operations
7- Significant resource requirements
Cash flow information is item number eight.
9- The main risk
10- The comprehensive financial plan and appendices for the company (10 Marks)



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