To be able to complete the assignment Journal 6, read the following texts and st

To be able to complete the assignment Journal 6, read the following texts and study the following Power Point presentation:
Winroth, Chapter 7 “At Home on the Farm” (p. 157–180).
Somerville & McDonald (2013), Chapter 2 “Society and Religion in the Viking Age” (p. 39–49).
Pantmann, “The Symbolism of Keys.”
Stig Sørensen, “Gender, Material Culture, and Identity in the Viking Diaspora.”
Simon Trafford, “Hyper-masculinity vs Viking Warrior Women: Pop Culture Vikings and Gender.” (Links to an external site.)
Somerville & McDonald (2019).
“Betrothals in the Sagas” (p. 111–114).
“Divorces from the Sagas” (p. 115–120).
“Warrior Women” (p. 158–164).
Power Point presentation: Women Indoors. Men Outdoors.
Not required:
Erika Harlitz-Kern, “The Myth of the Viking Woman Warrior,” (Links to an external site.) The Week, October 9, 2019.
Critical Thinking
While you are studying the texts listed above, ask the following questions:
1) What is the message of what I am reading?
2) Who is behind this message?
3) Who is the intended receiver of this message?
4) Why is this particular person sending this particular message to these particular people?
These four questions are at the foundation of all critical thinking. The answers to these questions help us understand how we should engage with the text, how we should critically analyze it, and how we can use it when we do historical research. Ask these questions not only when you are studying, but in your everyday life too.
When you are done with the readings, follow the instructions below and submit Journal 6.
EUH 4185: Viking History and Society Journal 6
Choose a topic that stood out to you in the readings and discuss this topic in a brief statement. Try and find a topic that connects as many of the texts you have read as possible. The statement should be between 450 and 500 words long, written in Times New Roman 12pts, double spaced.
Passing Grade:
Starting with Journal 3, you need to include citations in the form of footnotes at the bottom of the page and a bibliography at the end of your journals. Introducing citations and a bibliography in the journals means that you will be experienced in how to use them when the time comes for you to write your Critical Analysis Paper and your Research Paper. Disclosing our sources is also an easy way to avoid suspicions of academic dishonesty. Whenever you include a piece of information in your text that you have found in one of your sources you need to add a citation afterwards so that your reader knows where to find the information you have included. In this class, you shall write your citations and your bibliographies according to the Chicago Manual of Style Notes and Bibliography. (Links to an external site.) The footnotes and the bibliography are not included in the journal’s word count.
For a passing grade your statement needs to be written in your own words. Information included from the reading materials needs to be followed by a correctly written citation. The journal also needs to contain a correctly formatted bibliography.
Must have footnotes!

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