To help you prepare Think about the data you collected, why you chose those part

To help you prepare
Think about the data you collected, why you chose those particular data, and your data collection processes, including how you used collaboration in your process.  
· After analyzing your data, create a visual representation of the analysis of the data. This can be in the form of graphs, tables, and/or charts. 
Write 1 page for Part F and Part G using APA style and reference
Part F:  Methodology: Collecting Data : Write 1 page
Answer & Respond to the following: 
· What data did you collect, and which pre-approved data collection tools did you use?
· Why did you choose these particular data collection tools? Provide a rationale for their use.
· What process or steps did you take in collecting your data? Describe these steps in detail.
· Was the data you collected formative, summative, or both?
· How did collaboration with colleagues in designing and/or implementing your data processes/tools impact your research? For example, what strategies did the collaborative stakeholders share that you used? 
What ideas did they share to better engage and/or motivate students? In what areas did they provide support in helping your instruction improve? How did the collaboration bring new insights, information, and ideas to helping you solve your dilemma and to improving your teaching and student learning?
· How did the development of the timeline contribute to the overall success of this part of the implementation phase?
Part G:  Methodology: Analyzing and Graphing Data Using Triangulation: (Write 1 page)
Answer & Respond to the following:
· How did you use the triangulation process to analyze the multiple pieces of data?
· How did the visual representations assist in analyzing the data?
· What did the data reveal?
· Did the data help you answer your research question(s)? Why or why not?
· What did the data reveal about teacher practice and student learning?
· How did your analysis compare to the research findings from your literature review? Do the results of your analysis support your literature review? In what ways? Or, why not? What does this mean to you in your specific educational setting?
(Review assignment attachment & copy Literature Review and Revised research question draft)

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