To what extent does the access to social networks on mobile devices distract adults from working, studying, and spending time with their families?

Access to social networks on mobile devices distracts adults from working, studying, and spending time with their families. 

Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word essay with an introduction outlining the general principles of your selected research design, measurement, and analysis. After that, improve upon the outline you provided in Week 1 by indenting it.

Address the following in your extended outline; condense each point to a few sentences:

Social networks are a general topic area.

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2: Mobile social networks are a specific topic area.

3. Overarching Issue: People are spending more time on social media and less time on tasks that are more beneficial to society.

4- Specific Issue: Adults’ use of social media on mobile devices is taking away from their time spent working, studying, and spending time with their families.

5. The study’s goal is to increase awareness of the potentially squandered time that is spent on social media.

How much do people’s use of social networks on mobile devices interfere with their ability to work, study, and spend time with their families?


The quantitative approach (experimental, quasi-experimental, predictive multivariate analysis (multiple regression), or other) that best addresses the RQ/s. [Simple descriptive or correlational research is often insufficient for a dissertation and is not eligible for this class.]
The elements that the design will measure. Find your variables and operationalize them: Three independent variables (IVs) are necessary, together with a dependent variable (DV). (Remember that the DV is what you measure, while your IVs are what you “manipulate.”) Determine the measurement method for each variable and specify whether it is nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio measurement (discrete [categorical]; continuous). Review the assumptions necessary to satisfy a specific analysis in SPSS® to make sure your type of data “fits” with your choice of analysis.
The inferential statistical method will evaluate your variables the most effectively. ANOVAs (MANOVA, ANCOVA) are typically used in experimental and quasi-experimental designs, while multiple regression is typically used in correlational designs with many variables. Use the proper terminology when discussing your analysis, such as “effect” when comparing group mean differences for an ANOVA and “relationship” or “prediction” when discussing correlational designs.

10. The hypotheses. For each variable that will be included in your study, provide a null (H0- no significant findings) and an alternative (H1- significant findings) hypothesis.

Make sure your outline is straight. Put a conclusion at the end of your work that summarizes your argument and provides sources to support your selections.

Your paper should be formatted in accordance with APA standards.



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