Top iOS Devices for Online Gambling


Gambling on the go on mobile devices is now the new thing. After all, virtually every gambling site out there is optimized for optimum performance on every mobile operating system, from the popularized Android to the idolized iOS by Apple inc.


As you will see at sites such as casinosters, there is no shortage of iOS casino apps out there. But a more troubling concern awaits. You will have to decide the right Apple device for you as a gambler. Do you mind if we walk you through that?


The iPod Touch

It is marketed as a fun device, thanks to its great speed. That’s especially when it comes to gaming where an A10 fusion chip comes in handy to make everything appear more realistic, both detail and smoothness-wise. The chip is so great that it can support AR casino games and apps. We are yet to get there, but we will, hopefully, as developers up their ante. Take that and add it to the fact that it delivers great battery life, and you have got yourself the perfect device for the modern online gambler.


It’s not all sunshine and roses, though. The device comes with its caveats, the major one being its reliance on wi-fi connections. That idea of being connected to a wi-fi hotspot every time you need to gamble online won’t appeal to many.

The iPad

The iPad is another ideal device you can use to deposit and play at an iOS casino website of your choice. You could always go for Apple Pay casino deposits, but you can also use other banking methods if they are supported.


It comes with several models to choose from. You could go for the mini-sized iPad mini, the colorful iPad Air, the ultimate iPad pro, or the affordable iPad. These, of course, come in different screen sizes. In addition, they utilize different Bionic chips and cellular capabilities. The latter means that you can purchase data offers from your local network provider and play on the go.


The only word of caution for you is to go for the device that delivers the most value for you. If you are looking for affordability, for instance, then the best device would be the A13 Bionic chip-powered iPad. If you are looking for mega power but prefer a mini-sized device, go for the iPad mini.

The iPhone

The iPhone is the most popular iOS device from Apple inc. And for good reasons. We are currently at the iPhone 13, which is a major improvement of the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 11 before it. Would it make a lot of sense to go for older models? Well, listen to online gambling tips from experts, and you will find out that it all depends on your preferences.


The iPhone 13 Pro, in particular, is the best Apple has to offer when it comes to the iPhones. For gamblers particularly, it comes with a ProMotion 6.7’’ or 6.1” OLED display and an A15 Bionic chip. That is not to mention its capability of providing 30+ hours of screen time and its pro camera system.




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