Topic: the epic of gilgamesh in todays believes

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The research paper is about the Epic of Gilgamesh by Puchner, et al. (2013). The Norton Anthology of World Literature, (Shorter 3rd Ed., Volume 1). WW Norton and todays believes. This story intrigues the reader because it reminds the reader that no matter his or her status is or his or her accomplishments in life, we all will die one day. In its own way it shows you to stay humble and live your life how you want to live with no regrets. It took the loss of a best friend for Gilgamesh to realize that humans die but there legacy lives on forever. Not to live life in a selfish way but help make the world a better place. Start with you, then your family, then your community. Explore life but realize that one day it will all end.

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