Towson University Growth Mindset Reflection Paper

Assignment Part 1: Reflection

  1. Reflect on the growth mindset exercise we did in class
  2. Read the brief article about the science of mindset:
  3. Think about a time you faced adversity and overcame it, now describe that time. You may share your story in writing, via a 3-minute video or via a multi-media presentation:
      • Describe the situation
      • Explain the adversity/challenge you faced
      • Explain what actions you took to overcome this adversity or challenge. Be specific: what beliefs, behaviors, and level of effort helped you overcome the adversity.
      • Explain how the situation worked out
      • Explain what you learned from this experience
  4. Explain to a younger brother or sister, how having a growth mindset can help him/her overcome adversity and accomplish his/her goals. Explain what they can do to achieve and sustain a growth mindset.

If you post a video, when creating your video make sure you are:

  • In a quiet place with good lighting
  • Where you will not be interrupted
  • If using a phone camera, shooting horizontally (landscape), not vertically (portrait)

Assignment Part 2: Peer Feedback

  1. Read and provide feedback for at least two of your classmates’ posts (if a post already has two feedback posts, select another post to provide feedback to–so that everyone gets feedback). Consider and comment on the following:
      • Did he/she describe a situation where he/she faced adversity? If not, ask for another example.
      • Was he/she clear and explicit about how he/she overcame the adversity or did he/she just gloss over the specifics (e.g., worked hard versus spent 3 hours every day studying)? If not clear and explicit, ask for more details.
      • What questions do you have about how he/she overcame the adversity?
      • What, if anything, needs to be clarified about what he/she learned from the experience?
      • What questions do you have about the lessons learned?
  1. What if anything, have you learned from your classmates’ experiences?
      • Explain how you will use what you have learned in your life


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