1300 words total, including the summary of the work informally written in 500 and 800 words. YOU GUYS ARE GOOD AT THIS; I KNOW THAT. MAKE IT HAPPEN, PLEASE. Thank you.

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Nurses will continue to play a significant role as the nation concentrates on reorganizing the U.S. health care delivery system. More nursing positions are anticipated to open up in the community, and fewer will be accessible in acute care hospitals.
1. Create a 500–700 word informal presentation to enlighten nurses about how nursing practice is anticipated to develop and change. Include the ideas of accountability care organizations (ACO), medical homes, and nurse-managed health clinics in your list of concepts.
2. Share your presentation with other nurses in your unit or department and invite them to share their thoughts on the upcoming changes to the way healthcare is provided as well as the new position that nurses will play in hospitals, communities, clinics, and medical homes.
3. Discuss whether the opinions of three nurse colleagues are congruent with the information you have learned about health reform in 800-1,000 words after summarizing their feedback.
4. For this task, a minimum of three academic references are needed.
In-text citations and references should be given according to APA documentation rules, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, which can be found in the Student Success Center, even though APA format is not needed for the body of this project. Instead, strong academic writing is requested.
The task is graded using a rubric. Before starting the task, please examine the rubric to familiarize yourself with the criteria for success.
This assignment must be turned in to Turnitin. To follow the instructions, please visit the Student Success Center.
40.0% Addresses pertinent concepts such as continuity or continuum of care, accountable care organizations, medical homes, and nurse-managed health clinics while stating clearly how nursing practice and patient delivery will change. The major concept is not stated clearly, and the subconcepts do not always follow the main concept. does not address any problems associated with the delivery of patient care and the growing practice of nursing. Few subconcepts branch adequately, and the main concept is not well stated. focuses on at least one problem connected to the delivery of patient care and the changing nature of nursing practice. A few subconcepts sprout from the core concept, which is recognized. Many of the difficulties relating to the changing nature of nursing practice, patient delivery, and patient care delivery are addressed. Most subconcepts branch from the main concept, which is immediately discernible. explains all of the problems associated with the delivery of patient care and the evolving practice of nursing. The basic notion is clear, and the subconcepts branch off of it in the right directions. explains all of the problems associated with the delivery of patient care and the evolving practice of nursing.
Evidence of Nursing Role Forecasting and Feedback from Colleagues, 20.0% There is no documentation of input or predictions made about the nursing function by colleagues. Colleagues’ predictions and feedback about the nursing role may be insufficient or fall short of the necessary context. Coworkers’ evaluations and projections of the nursing job are supported by evidence. Coworkers’ detailed descriptions of evidence of feedback and role forecasting in the nursing profession. With pertinent personal insight, contemplation, or analysis, evidence of feedback and forecasting of the nursing function from colleagues is given in depth.
Use of Vocabulary Related to Changing Nursing Practice and Patient Care Delivery: 20.0% The appropriate context has not contained any recommended terms. Only a few suggested terms have been used in the right context. The appropriate context has been included for a few suggested terms. The majority of suggested terms have been used in the appropriate context. The right context has been provided for each of the suggested terms.
15.0% Efficiency and Organization
10% Originality Content is a massive collection and reworking of other people’s thoughts, works, creations, or images. There is no indication of originality or creativity. Content is only a collection or reworking of the thoughts, works, creations, or ideas of others. There is no indication of fresh thinking. Originality is seen in the content. The work does give some fresh insights while being based on other people’s concepts, creations, or images. Content demonstrates uniqueness and creativity. The work goes beyond that collection to provide new insights, even though it is based on a sizable collection of other people’s ideas, products, photographs, or innovations. Significant originality and inventiveness are demonstrated in the content. The majority of the information and many of the concepts are new, imaginative, and based on logical inferences and reliable research.
15.0% Efficiency and Organization
5.0% Writing mechanics, which covers grammar, punctuation, spelling, and language use Surface mistakes are so common that they make it difficult to convey meaning. Word choice and/or sentence structure are inappropriate. The reader becomes distracted by frequent and repetitive mechanical faults. There are inconsistencies in the words and/or language choices. Although there are some grammatical or typographical problems, they don’t seriously distract the reader. Uses language that is appropriate for the audience. There may be a few mechanical faults in prose, but they are uncommon. The author employs a range of sentence types and potent figures of speech. The author’s knowledge of formal, academic English in writing is evident.
2.0% Paper Format (usage of the proper style for the assignment and the major) The documentation format is rarely correctly followed, or the template is not used properly. Although a template is utilized, there are errors or missing pieces, and the formatting is not under control. Even though a template is used and the formatting is accurate, there might be a few little mistakes. The template is fully utilized, and there are seldom any formatting issues. The format is correct for all elements.
3.0% Research Citations (assignment-appropriate reference page listing and formatting, as well as in-text citations for paraphrases and direct quotes) There is no reference page provided. No references are made. A reference page is available. Citations are applied erratically. There is a reference page with a list of the sources utilized. Sources are properly cited, but there could be some mistakes. There is a reference page that contains every cited source. The style is typically suitable, as is the documentation. There is a reference page and the necessary in-text citations. There are no mistakes in the mentioned sources’ documentation.
Total Weight: 100%

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