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Peaceful and harmonious living is something all beings must enjoy across generations. Sustainable practices allow contributing to this noble cause. This assignment provides students with an opportunity to design a sustainability accounting system for a firm with sustainability as its core enterprise model. You will work as four members in a group of your choice. Your first task is to examine the real-life firm assigned to you. This assignment aims to build your work-integrated knowledge, skills, and application.

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You are required to provide evidence-based reasoning for the sustainability accounting system design

  1. Choose products and services provided by the firm. Design an activity-based costing (ABC) framework to measure their costs. Around 1500 words
  2. Use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework and develop a performance measurement matrix for managers to support its core sustainability model. (You may also need to think about other parameters such as pricing of the products). (only this part) Around 1500 words
  3. Use the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) framework to report financial and non-financial matrices that support the firm’s core sustainability model. (only this part) Around 1500 words
  4. Relate the ABC, GRI, and BSC operational frameworks as informing the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework that strategically informs the firm’s vision, mission, and goals. Around 1500 words

The assignment aims to contribute to knowledge, skills, and application of knowledge and skills set to meet accounting professional experience requirements. For example, this work-integrated assignment develops competencies relating to management accounting and the business environment. You can find further details of professional experience requirements in the range of accounting domains by visiting the following URL:


Collect relevant data.

  • The assignment provides a URL that introduces the firm.
  • The group can, after that, decide how to go about collecting relevant and reliable data. These data build evidence to arguments and commentaries in the assignment.


Analyse data.

  • The group must then analyse the collated data. The designing of a sustainability accounting system for the firm has several other sub-designs along the lines of designing an ABC framework, GRI framework led performance matrix, BSC framework, and framework led by the UN sustainability goals.
  • The data analysis can result in synthesising unique frameworks supporting the individual and final sustainability accounting system.


Data sources.

  • The group will decide upon data sources.
  • The most credible is the peer-reviewed academic journal articles. There are also business magazine articles, newspaper articles, articles found on electronic platforms.
  • The group must determine the relevance and reliability of the collected data from each data source.
  • The group must cover at least two peer reviewed journal articles supporting their design about the enterprise environment, ABC, GRI, BSC, and UN Sustainability Development Goals.


Nature of data.

  • The group makes that decision. Data about the enterprise about the operational and strategic environment can help.
  • The environmental data can include but limited to demographics – firm size, leverage, board of directors and executive leadership, and ownership.
  • You may also need data relating to costings, financials, and not-financials, and performances. The brief discussion has not provided an exhaustive list.


Main report.

  • The written report contains the executive summary, the main text, the reference list, appendix, and meetings summary.
  • This assignment does not impose a specific structure to follow because there must have room for innovative presentations and expressions.
  • As main sections the assignment must contain an Introduction, body of the text, and a conclusion section.
  • Also, the written work must have an Executive Summary with a maximum of 1,000 words. The text must cover specific areas required addressing in the assignment in designing the sustainability accounting system: along the lines of designing an ABC framework, GRI framework led performance matrix, BSC framework, and framework led by the UN sustainability goals.


Citations and references.

  • The report must include sources. The reference list appears at the end of the written text. Please consult the library for further help on citations, referencing, and referencing style. Please follow the APA (American Psychological Association) 7th referencing style. The following URL is indicative only, but please visit the library site for more details.


  • The group can attach appendices to support their main arguments in the text and not included in the word count.


Additional report.

  • This report section explains the reasons for using the referenced materials.
  • There is no word limit imposed on this report. Still, recommend keeping it concise while sufficiently explaining the connection between the referenced materials and the reason for citing them in the main text.


Written assignment part.

  • The main assignment text is about 7,500 words. The word count is indicative of the text written, excluding the reference list, appendix, and meetings summary.
  • If the group thinks that word count must exceed or fall short of the word count, there are no penalties.
  • Use A4 size page, leaving at least a 2.5cm margin on either side, Arial 11 font, single-spaced.



Exhibits accurate and elaborated breadth and depth of understanding of concepts. The report demonstrates an appreciation of the limitations of conceptual knowledge in the field. These produced through synthesising evidence

Formulate principles and evaluate the efficacy of ideas from many standpoints through theory and personal reflection. These produced through synthesising evidence.

All expectations and conventions with all expected attributes present but creatively interpreted to suit the tasks style and specific execution. These produced through synthesising evidence

It has a synopsis, and different parts have a high relationship with each other. These produced through synthesising evidence

Referencing and citations are accurate. Academic literature synthesised to synthesise strands of common findings and arguments. They are a result of synthesising evidence.


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