Uk Firework Review – Night With TNT Fireworks

The great thing about being a

firework retailer is that you get invited to lots of firework trade nights throughout the year. Last night I travelled up to Bicester, in Oxfordshire to watch TNT Fireworks set off their latest collection for 2008. During the journey up there we travelled through a big thunder storm and the rain lashed down unforgiving. It didn’t look good! But as so often happens, when we arrived at our destination someone up in the sky was looking after us and swept away the storm clouds. A quick look at the new products and a bite to eat, we were all chomping at the bit to see the fireworks in action. Firstly, a gentle start, setting off the new range of rockets.

Those that stood out for me were:


Nighthawk – (pack of 12 for just £5.49) – no bangs and great for a small back gardens.

Ranger rockets – (pack of 8 for £12.49) colourful and noise.

Fantastic value Mile High rockets (pack of 21 for £22.99) small to look at but have a good bang.

The best of the best for me though (and this includes the ranges from Cube, Kimbolton Fireworks, Fireworks International and Men Shun which I have seen through the year) Is Ring of Fire Rockets. (Pack of 5 for £13.99) Perfect different coloured circles bursting in the night sky. This is the closest you will get to professional display and wow your crowd.


Crickets for £1.99 – excellent value for a little fountain that just keeps going and going.

Pink Diamonds fountain – loved by the girls and very pretty, not bad for £3.99.

Small Cakes

I was really impressed with Hell Cats and Thor both have 16 shots and retail at just £6.99. This is fantastic value, the spreads were good, the colours vibrant and both cakes had loud bangs.

Medium Cakes

It’s not often I find a cake that takes my breath away but last night I found a cake that did just that; Phantom – 19 shots for £24.99. It was so different to anything else I have see this year, bang and spread with good colour as normal but in between the bangs was a burst of vibrant different coloured bees. It looked stunning and my order with TNT increased big time!

Single Ignition – display in a box

The best for me was Apocalyptic Warrior – 100 shot cake for £110. I know that sounds quite expensive but it’s worth it. 50 individual shots bursting into different colours with large spread and big bangs followed by 5 lots of 10 volleys of different coloured blasts. A big sky filler with great colours that included red, green, pink, orange, purple, blue, yellow, white, silver and gold.

It was a good evening and I have now added some more fantastic fireworks to my collection, film of these should be added onto my website in the next couple of weeks or so.

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