Understanding KPIs

Weekly Readings and Videos

Problem Identification and Resolution (continued). 

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 (2020). Bellevue University. 

KPI Meaning, Examples, Calculation & Dashboard Tutorial. Sharma, H. (n.d.). optimizesmart.com

Problem Identification: The First Step to Successful Problem Resolution. (n.d.). mwftr.com

4 Steps to Develop a High-Performance Team. TONYRUNRUNIT. (n.d.). for-managers.com

136 Key Performance Indicators Examples (The Complete List). Karlson, K. (n.d.). scoro.com

The Most Valuable Business Analysis Techniques and the Tools to Do Them. (6:36). Angelo Kalevela. (2019, Mar 9). youtube.com


Using this week’s readings and videos, discuss the following questions:

  1. Do KPIs help or hinder performance? Explain.
  2. How could you use KPIs to identify personal challenges and opportunities?
  3. Would using KPIs help motivate you to engage in activities that lead to continuous improvement?
  4. How does the industry in which your company operates influence the KPIs that are used to analyze performance?

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