200 words

Imagine you are assigned to lead a counseling group for people who are mandated to participate (involuntary). Using the concepts presented in this lesson, describe what modifications and considerations you would make when facilitating the group.

Do you agree or disagree that people should be mandated to attend groups?


200 words

Think about the location where you currently work, or a place in the past where you have worked. How safe do you, or did you, feel working there? How would you assess the workplace’s safety plan? What might the organization do to improve on the plan? What suggestions would you make?


Pretend to Interview a professional in a helping field. Ask the professional about his or her experiences with teamwork and collaboration (with clients, co-workers, and personnel in other agencies). Ask him or her to identify keys to having a good working relationship.

Also ask about times when ending services with a client (because of discharge or referral) were especially hard and effective ways to cope with it.


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