Examine potential pay and benefit structures for the healthcare sector

View an introduction to the Assignment here. Be sure to adjust your audio settings.


The unit outcomes this assignment addresses are:

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Describe the various reward categories.
Give an explanation of competency-based pay packages.
What should a compensation administration’s purpose be?
This assignment evaluates and addresses the following course outcome:

HA530-4: Examine potential pay and benefit structures for the healthcare sector.


You must conduct an interview with a compensation specialist in a healthcare setting for this assignment. Briefly describe the healthcare facility and the subject of the assignment interview. Use the following questions as a minimum during the interview: Give more detailed, relevant information on the subject. You will write a report summarizing your findings that is 35 pages long (not counting the cover page and bibliography), prepared in APA, and submitted through the course Dropbox.


Interviewing managers who work in healthcare settings without compensation specialists is also an option. Questions to ask might be:

How do you decide on the pay and salaries that your employees will receive?
How do you make sure your salary is competitive enough to entice the right kind of workers?
How can you guarantee that remuneration is seen as fair?
Do job seekers or workers ever haggle about wages?
How do you approach a negotiation?
Do you ever give bonuses to new hires?
Have you ever considered switching compensation structures? Why?
Do you provide rewards to your staff members?
How do they function, and what are they?
Choose a job that fits your professional objectives. Find the pay data for this position and compare it to that of similar positions in similar geographic areas or healthcare settings. You can contact professional organizations, browse websites, look through job postings, visit the university career center, or dial compensation experts at businesses that hire healthcare personnel.


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