Unit 3 lab: understanding how the xendesktop works | cloud | ECPI University

You will be using XenDesktop software to complete this assignment. Access instructions for the XenDesktop can be found in the ECPI Resources. It is important to understand that when you use the XenDesktop to do your work, you are working on a virtual image. What that means for you is that when you save your work, it is NOT saved on your computer. On your local computer, you may be familiar with your C: drive, which is where many files are stored. Using the XenDesktop is like using a different computer…nothing can be saved to your home (local) computer. Instead, ECPI University gives you access to storage on the H drive (you will see your student ID) which you can access from within the XenDesktop. This means you can access your files anywhere, provided you have internet connection and can connect to the XenDesktop site.
For this lab, you will create the lab report below using the XenDesktop, store it via the desktop, and upload it via the XenDesktop. See the instructions below for creating and saving your lab report in XenDesktop.
Lab Report: Explain how the XenDesktop works as a virtual machine. What is a virtual machine? How does this affect your access to files? This should be a 1-2 page document plus the screenshot below.
You must use proper APA citations and references to all materials you access to help you with this paper.
Instructions for Saving Your Work in XenDesktop
Let’s begin by organizing your student directory by performing the following steps

Sign into the XenDesktop using your ECPI credentials.
Once you are signed in, you will see a screen with two tabs, one that says Apps and one that says Desktops. Click on Apps.
You will see an icon marked Word 2013. When you click on that icon, an application will open. It may take a few moments to load and open so be patient.
**Note: You may need to click “Permit use” to proceed if you get a Citrix Receiver Security Warning.

Once Word 2013 opens, click the tab at the top of the document that says FILE.
In the blue side bar that appears on the left, click Save As.
You will be shown several locations where you can save files.

Select Computer.
From here, select the folder that has your ECPI login name. This folder is your H: drive folder where you can files. This drive is supplied by ECPI to allow you to store your classwork through the XenDesktop.
A Save As window appears.**Note: You may need to click “Permit all access” to proceed.

In the Save As window, at the bottom, where is says File name, type unit1_XenDesktop_Lastname (change Lastname to your last name!).
Take a screenshot to show the created document in the correct location in XenDesktop.PC Users:

Click the Start button and type snipping tool in search box.
Click New.**Note: You may need to click the dropdown arrow to select the Rectangular Snip option.
Click and drag to capture all of your folders and the address line.
Click the Save Snip button.
Save as Lastname_U1_Lab1 in PNG format. (Example: Davis_U1_Lab1.png)You will submit this picture as part of your assignment.
MAC Users:Next you are going to take a screenshot image of your folders to show that you have completed the tasks above. You will use the Command (CMD) button on your keyboard which looks like this ?.
Press CMD + Shift + 3 (to capture the entire screen) or CMD + Shift + 4 (to capture a chosen selection on screen). You should hear the sound of a camera clicking.

Once you hear the sound of the camera clicking, the saved file will be on your desktop. It will be labeled as a screen shot in .png format.
You will need to rename your image for this assignment. To RENAME your image:

Double click on the image.
This opens the preview window

Save as Lastname_U1_Lab1 in PNG format. (Example: Davis_U1_Lab1.png)You will submit this picture as part of your assignment.

Complete assignments in the XenDesktop by the following steps below:

Open the Internet Explorer browser to access Canvas.
Navigate to the Canvas course assignment page you will be working on during your session.
Follow the assignment instructions found in the Canvas course. Assignment instructions will specify what tasks must be completed.
In some instances you will be required to download files from a course page. You may download these files and save them to the virtual desktop’s H drive. Keep in mind the files saved on the H drive will remain with your XenDesktop account even after your session is over.

Submit Assignments using XenDesktop
When a file is ready to be submitted to an instructor, complete the following steps:

Within the XenDesktop, open the Internet Explorer browser to access Canvas.
Navigate to the Canvas course assignment page where you will submit the assignment.
Follow the instructions for the assignment components that must be uploaded to the page. When submitting the created file(s), use the upload feature to navigate to the XenDesktop H drive or the Desktop folder. Select the file you would like to submit.



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