Unit Code SITXMGT515 Unit name Manage Operational Plans Instructions for assessment including WHS requirements


Manage Operational Plans

Assessment guidelines, including WHS standards
A project with two components, Part A and Part B, makes up Assessment 3.
You must choose from one of the procedures or tasks listed below that were carried out at a company or department for Part A. You must create a checklist with the specific procedural steps needed to execute these jobs or procedures in accordance with industry standards. After that, you must see a staff person carry out the operation or assignment and record their performance. You must note any shortcomings and underperformances after completion.
You must develop a plan that can be used to address the uncovered weaknesses in Part B. An analysis of all cost components, including human and physical aspects, that will have an impact on the plan must be used to support it.
After the project is over, you must produce a critical reflection on it that covers its overall cost effectiveness, operational feasibility, ROI, and practical options to improve processes and procedures. The advantages and disadvantages of each suggested course of action must be considered.
This assessment is one of the types of assessments used to gather data and will contribute to your ability to pass this course.
Each assignment and the pertinent question must be performed by the student in order to demonstrate competency.

Observation of operational processes or tasks (Part A)
This project entails observing a business process that is pertinent to your area of training, such as one in the front desk, kitchen, tourism, events, food and beverage, rooms division, or administration. The emphasis should be on observing and enhancing current processes or finding new ones to enhance operations.
This might be connected to workflow procedures.
Product and service cost effectiveness customer service-related difficulties
Procedures for check-in and check-out
Staff productivity and training requirements
or a specific action that your trainer has prescribed
Establishment/Organisation: ______________________________________________
Task Procedures Used in the Selected Organization: _____________________________________________
Date: ____________________________________________________
Your Job:
1. Give a general description of your workplace, the operational procedure you will monitor, analyze, and review, as well as the factors that convinced you that a review was required (such as customer complaints about extended wait times for check-in, extended wait times for food in restaurants, frequently occurring errors in reconciliations at the end of shifts in the front office, or factors similar to these).
2. Describe the standard operating procedures that would be necessary to carry out the procedure or tasks, as well as the performance standards that are utilized to gauge the necessary level of performance. This needs to display every step of the process that you watched.
3. Pay attention to the task or operational procedure, then summarize your observations.
4. After the observation, carefully document any shortcomings or underperformance during the observed tasks or procedures. What were the problems, and what could have caused them?

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Part B: Formulating tactics and critical thought
5. Create a plan that can be used to address the weaknesses you’ve found and describe how each step will be carried out to make sure the plan is successful. Include any supporting documents needed for this.
6. Describe the potential cost variables for your suggested methods, taking into account important physical and human resource factors.
7. Briefly offer an evaluation of your project: How feasible is your approach in terms of the outlay needed by the organization, given what you have seen and examined in terms of the resources required and probable outcomes from the strategy you have developed? Would there be a more economical choice?



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