The Role of Agencies in the Recruitment Process



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The CIPD study Resourcing and Talent Planning (2015) states that the outlook for hiring is favorable due to rising resourcing budgets and a rise in labor demand. Despite this, businesses continue to encounter a variety of challenges when trying to find qualified employees.
The issues employers confront in the labor market are exacerbated by the fact that “UK employers are currently operating in the most buoyant employment market experienced for some time” (2015:7). According to the same survey, many organizations are turning to outside firms for help, especially when it comes to luring top personnel.

In this hypothetical situation, you have just been hired by a sizable private corporation as an HR adviser. Your manager wants you to investigate the possibility of working with a recruiting agency to help increase the number and quality of job applications because the company is having trouble filling openings.

Task: In order to help the HR manager decide whether to utilize recruitment agencies or not to improve the hiring process, she wants you to create a proposal that evaluates their utilization. She is eager to consider all of the possibilities available.

Format: A management report outlining your investigation’s conclusions regarding the benefits and drawbacks of using agencies. Based on these conclusions, you should decide whether to hire an agency, but you should also make suggestions for how the business may manage its relationship with the agency successfully for a successful outcome (assuming management decides to move through with the plan).

Suggested organization:
Investigating the utilization of recruitment agencies is the purpose.
Study a variety of academic and professional works to examine the usage of agencies and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each. You must be careful to evaluate the caliber of the data you are using to form conclusions.
Conclusions and/or recommendations
List of references

This assignment evaluates how well the students met the following module learning goals:
• To exhibit the capacity to notice, describe, and record information while conducting research on a subject or issue.
• To exhibit the capacity to think critically, analyze issues, comprehend and apply concepts, synthesize various sorts of data, and reach well-reasoned conclusions.
• To organize and deliver written work in accordance with predetermined standards.

As a starting point, read Chapter 10: Alternative Recruitment Methods from the suggested work (Taylor, 2008).
Submission cutoff date: November 26, 2015
Return: 20 working days or less
The student will be required to submit an identical written project with a different focus if reassessment is necessary.
1500 words maximum

going over the word limit
The assignment will make explicit the consequences for going above the allotted word count. When submitting their assignment, students are required to indicate their word count on the coursework cover sheet. The word count for coursework, written assignments, projects, reports, and dissertations shall include all footnotes, endnotes, references (in the main text), tables, illustrations, and, if applicable, the abstract, title page, and contents page. The bibliography or reference list, as well as any appendiced content, must not be included in the word count.

UG/PG Coursework Evaluation Criteria

You should be aware that the degree to which your homework answers the following questions will determine how well you are graded.

Ability to conduct a literature search and choose reliable, pertinent sources, as shown by the research log and the usage of sources in the report’s text and reference list at the end of the assignment.

Describe and be able to critically analyze various points of view on the debate that are given in the literature. See the section on critical evaluation of conceptual knowledge below.

ability to create an argument using this literature by synthesizing the ideas presented or described Coherence and cogency are discussed below. You must include sources of evidence to back up your claims.
Conceptual understanding and knowledge What is needed is a clear presentation of the academic understandings and knowledge that support the pertinent notions in the issue.

Coherence and argument Have you been able to combine all the necessary elements into a logical justification that tells a compelling tale?

Here, it is necessary to select and analyze pertinent knowledge and theory in order to critically evaluate the conceptual knowledge base.

spelling, grammar, punctuation, and presentation

Harvard System of Referencing Compliance (NB) To be evaluated for marks under this criterion, your assignment must include at least 10 references from scholarly and professional journals in both the main body and the reference section.

Please use your university number, not your name, to maintain your anonymity. This coursework accounts for 30% of the module’s assessment.
We take plagiarism very seriously.

You should be able to tell which ideas and words are your own and which are not in your coursework. It is crucial that you acknowledge your source and use proper citations when referencing other people’s work from books, journals, or any other source (even the internet). You will receive a failing grade for improper referencing, which could also be considered plagiarism or collaboration. The Harvard referencing style is employed by Norwich Business School unless otherwise stated by the program organizer.

Policy of the University on Plagiarism and Coordination
All students should become familiar with the laws and guidelines governing plagiarism and collaboration. You can prevent plagiarism and maintain the standard of your academic work by being aware of these standards.
Make sure you are knowledgeable about and up-to-date on the Universities’ Policy on Plagiarism and Collusion, which is available at and Collusion.
The business schools’ policy on Harvard referencing, which is available in your student handbooks, should also be familiar to you.
The Learning Enhancement Service at the Dean of Students Office also offers individualized study skills assistance and referencing guidance.
After the coursework assessors have first looked through the physical copy of any work given in word-processed format, you might be asked to produce a digital copy of your coursework for use with plagiarism detection software. The NBS Plagiarism Officer will look into any situations where plagiarism is suspected. Students who are caught plagiarizing face consequences.
If evidence of the offense is shown to the university’s discipline committee, the perpetrator will be punished, which may include a degree failure, a temporary suspension, or expulsion from further study.

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