University of Nairobi Moonstone Networks Cyber Security Acquisition PPT

Fact Pattern:

You are the Board of a technology start-up that has created the latest and greatest cyber-security software products. Your products have application everywhere in the World that the Web is used for e-commerce.

You have just received fifty million dollars in venture funding to expand product sales globally, lower the cost of support services, increase revenues, and increase the overall corporate valuation through acquisition of another company.


Which company, in which country or countries, would you seek to acquire and why? What are the characteristics of the company to be acquired that make it most suitable for acquisition to achieve your company’s global growth objectives?

Please create a power point slide deck to be presented to the VC fund to outline and substantiate your desired spend and how you would support it with business infrastructure and post-acquisition or merger integration support of all kinds. You should also outline the advantages and disadvantages of multiple options for acquiring different types of companies, competitors, distribution companies, complementary technologies, etc. so that the VC fund can understand your thinking and outcomes. The VC Fund will approve the acquisition decision or not upon your recommendations and presentation. Accordingly, it needs to contain all of the information required for such a decision as well as the appropriate level of detail.

I uploaded a slide, please use this slide as a reference to complete this slide. Thank you.


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