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The resistance to change is referred to as homeostasis (Alcorn, 2003). It is a wish to keep things as they are. The homeostasis of technology has various causes. The fear of the unknown is one of the causes. People typically resist change because they fear the unknown. Adjustment and anxiousness are a second factor. Fortunately, anxiety can be managed by a variety of human defence mechanisms. Resistance is one of them. Psychophysiological reorganization is a third justification. Specific routes in our brain are used to store information. As we become older, those paths become less flexible, making it harder to restructure and adapt to new ideas or technologies. Finally, specialization causes a separation of understanding by dividing the work among several persons, allowing each person to become an expert in their particular area of work. It establishes a distinction between people who comprehend science and the general public who do not.

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Imagine that scientists discover a brand-new, limitless source of energy tomorrow. This energy employs renewable natural resources and produces biodegradable byproducts. Which societal resistance elements exist? Describe your position.


P.A. Alcorn (2003). Fourth edition of “Social Issues in Technology: A Format for Investigation” Pearson Publishing, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.


Essays must be 250 to 500 words long.

The essay presents two or three arguments against embracing new technologies.

The argument in the essay makes apparent how society can be against this technology.

APA 6th edition formatting is required for the essay, which includes a title page, reference page, double spacing, and in-text citations. ABSTRACTS ARE NOT REQUIRED.

Essay writing is at the college level.



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