US History to 1877

YOU select three of the follow questions and answer them to the best of you abilities. Please proofread, provide in-text citations, and a reference page for any information (you DO NOT have to cite my lectures, but you should cite the readings to receive full credit). Please post you answers by 11:59pm on TUESDAY.

Define and discuss the differences between vernacular and academic architecture. (2) How did the Enlightenment influence the physical (architecture) and social landscapes of the 1700s? (1) What are the two roles of material culture within a society? (2) Provide examples to receive full credit.
Discuss the stylistic changes to gravestones, how did they reflect ideological trends in colonial America. (2) In what ways did these new trends influence the ways that people saw themselves and others? (2). Provide an example (outside of gravestones) of these ideological changes as manifested through material culture. (1)

What was the Seven Years War, who were the combatants? (1) What was the Proclamation Line of 1763, and why was it important? (1) Who were the people that were living on the western frontier of the American colonies? (1) In what ways were these people portrayed both in the past and the present, and why? (2)
As discussed in lecture, explain in detail what were three reasons that led to the American Revolution? (3)? Why were taverns so important for the creation of a collective American identity? (1) According to Somerville, what was one of the reasons for such violence observed during the American Revolution? (1)
What was the Articles of Confederation? (1) What are two of the main purposes of the Constitution? (1) What are the three branches of the Federal government? (1) What are the differences between a subject versus a citizen? (2)


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