Use appropriate language that follows netiquette rules for a professional audience.

How do the salespersons’ self-perceptions or perceptions of others help to improve their communication in a professional setting? Make sure to explain your answer.
Netiquette refers to the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the internet. Here is an example for you to evaluate this week in our discussion: Your co-worker, Kevin, sent an email telling your supervisor that you were not doing your part on a project. He also sent you an email filled with insults and profanity about your work ethic and performance.

o How do you respond to Kevin in a professional way? Do you:
§ Share your concerns with Kevin in front of everyone in the break room
§ Avoid speaking to him all together
§ Ask to meet with him privately and explain how it makes you feel
o Provide an explanation of your choice.

Your internet was down last night and you weren’t able to turn in your last assignment. Your professor is away from her office, so you know the quickest way to reach her is via text message. Compose and send a text to your professor notifying her of this situation.

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Create a text message in which you:
Explain what happened with the internet and how that will affect your schoolwork.
Identify yourself and include a closing.
Use appropriate language that follows netiquette rules for a professional audience.
Use complete sentences with correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style.

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