fatalities and hospital discharges

Utilize the information on fatalities and hospital discharges from the previous year that has been provided. The values below should be calculated to two decimal places.
Deaths (A&C) and total discharges: 1,200
Deaths overall (A&C) 22 deaths that occurred within 48 hours after admission (A&C) 3 fetal fatalities (early and late) four live births 150 infant deaths 2 neonatal discharges, including fatalities 140 direct maternal deaths 155 fatalities, including 1 OB discharge

Question 1 of 12: What is the gross death rate (A&C)?

Question 2 of 12: What is the Net Death Rate (A&C)?

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Question 3 of 12: How many fetuses die?
Question 4 of 12: How many babies die each day?
Gross death rate for A&C and NB Com, question 5 of 12
Maternal death rate (direct) = 6, out of 12.
Autopsy Rates, Part 2

Inquiry 7 of 12
Utilizing this information, determine the following to one decimal place: 20 inpatient deaths occurred in April at Community Hospital, four of which were coroners’ cases. A former patient also passed away, and the hospital pathologist performed an autopsy after the death occurred in a hospice. There were 10 autopsies done on the remaining IP fatalities.
Hospital Inpatient Autopsy Rate = Gross Autopsy Rate – Net Autopsy Rate for the Month
Inquiry 8 of 12
Valley View General recorded 125 fatalities in May, including 25 newborns and 100 adults and children. Eight of these involved cases handled by coroners or medical examiners. A hospital pathologist performed two more out-of-hospital autopsies on former patients. The remaining deaths, which included 10 neonates and 40 A&C inpatients, were subjected to fifty autopsies.
Do the following calculation:
Hospital autopsy rate = gross autopsy rate = net autopsy rate = A&C gross autopsy rate
Inquiry 9 of 12
In June, 800 patients from the community hospital were discharged. 12 of them had infections picked up in the hospital. Determine the nosocomial infection rate to the nearest tenth.

the tenth of twelve
There were 600 admissions and 700 discharges at Valley General Hospital, including deaths. There were 30 deaths overall, of which 10 occurred within the first 48 hours and 20 occurred within the following 48 hours of admission. Additionally, two intermediate and late fetal fatalities occurred. Calculate

Gross mortality rate = b. Net mortality rate =

Issue 12 of 12
On October 1, at midnight, a census revealed 120 hospitalized patients. On November 2, there were 12 discharges, 1 DOA (dead on arrival), and 10 admissions. One of the patients who was released had been admitted in the morning and had spent eight hours there (A&D). On November 2, how many patient days of care were provided?
Asking 12 out of 12
Adult patient beds at the General Hospital could accommodate 200 patients from January 1 to June 30 and 280 patients from July 1 to December 31. Adult patients received 40,000 days of service during the first half of the year and 44,000 days of service during the final half of the year. Determine the annual average for the daily census.



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