Use of cluster analysis (or data mining) to identify the impact of social media in online marketing strategies. Abstract(just 100-150 words) Should include • Very short background • Research question / problem • Why it is important to solve the problem? • What kind of methodology (no detail) • Who will be benefitted by this?

 Impact of social media in online marketing

Proposal for Research (3000–3500 words)
Title: Exploring the role of social media in online marketing strategies using cluster analysis (or data mining).
(Only between 100 and 150 words.)
Should contain:
• A very brief history
Why is it vital to solve the research issue or problem?
Who will gain from this methodology (details not provided)?
• Conclusion
A longer version of the introduction
Should contain:
Background, three- to four-sentence problem statement
• Detailed research question • Significance • Methodology • Result • Report structure (e.g., ” In the next part, we will be discussing a literature review…
Research Review
Synthesis and analysis
Data collection techniques, research strategies, ontologies, epistemologies, quantitative and qualitative procedures, population and sample sizes, participants, surveys, interviews, and questionnaires are all important.
• Thematic analysis, grounded theory, and interpretations of findings (methods)
Discussion and conclusion (potential ramifications)
Finale References
• Variety of publications (books, journals, etc.); • Variety of years (recent publications as well as those from the last 10–15 years);
• A selection of novels

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