Use of Telehealth

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This week, we focus on the use of telehealth. For this discussion, consider what you have learned about public health informatics and answer the following questions in your response:

  • What are some of the cultural challenges to consider when communicating with a patient using a telehealth application?
  • What potential solutions could be used to improve communication using the telehealth model?

Please support your response with a scholarly source. Please be sure to respond to at least two peers each week.


This activity aligns with course outcomes: 

3.    Create a health literacy plan that incorporates patient and provider-to-patient communication needs. (Essential IV.1, IV.4. IV. 5, and IV. 7)  

4.    Evaluate patient and personal technology applications used in clinical settings. (Essential IV.2, IV. 7, IV, 9, and IV.10) 


Use these sources



Brown, G. D., Pasupathy, K. S., & Patrick, T. B. (2019). Health informatics : A systems perspective. 2nd edition. Health Administration Press.




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