Use the PDF document, Project Plan Check – District4Move, to check your work to be sure you have created your starting project plan correctly.

LASA Project Planning Assignment 2: Creating the Project Plan and Establishing the Critical Path

Make a project plan for the District 4 Warehouse Move project using the included District 4 WarehouseMove WBS.xls. Make sure you have correctly created your starting project plan by using the PDF document Project Plan Check – District4Move. This task requires ProjectLibre. Please click here and follow the instructions to download ProjectLibre right away if you haven’t already done so.

Note: To display tasks by work package, you must first order the tasks after inserting a column with your WBS codes.

Determine which activities must be finished first and which tasks depend on other tasks that must be finished before starting based on the information in the WBS and the project case. Determine predecessors for your project plan’s predecessor column using this information. Enter the line number of jobs in the predecessor column that must be finished before each task may begin. Using this, you may make a project timeline.

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Find the project’s critical path using ProjectLibre’s network or flow diagram views. List the tasks that are on the critical path in an MS Word document. Determine which risks are most likely to cause a delay in your project by taking into account those listed in the risk table below. Defend your comments. Send in your MS Word document and finished project plan. Project to Move the District 4 Production Warehouse – Risk Table

One permit is not obtained on time.


Finishing contractors abandon their work midway through.


Contractors working on the framing and drywall are running behind schedule and can only produce half of their team on time.


Workbenches are of low quality, and one-third will require reconstruction.



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