Use your key terms that you generated through searching Grantham Librarys EBSCOhostand/or Google Scholar to find at least five additional, reputable articles to review as background information on community partnerships and community organizations.

The Debate over Doing Good” by Grow, Hamm, and Lee in EBSCO

Find and summarize “The Debate over Doing Good” by Grow, Hamm, and Lee in EBSCO.
Use the key words you came up with to identify at least five more credible publications to read as background material on community partnerships and community organizations using the Grantham Library’s EBSCOhost and/or Google Scholar.
Examine each of the six articles you located, then provide an overview based on the following standards:
the title of the article and its author,
The article’s goal is to
The issue was addressed.
The target audience was also
The article’s findings

All six articles should be covered in your evaluation. Each source should have a 100–150-word paragraph that addresses one of the four main points in your summary. Every article needs to have a reference list in APA format.


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R. N. Remen (1999, January 1). serving, repairing, or helping? College of Cincinnati. Obtainable from:


Remen claims that individuals view the world in three ways in the article “Helping, Fixing, or Serving” (1999).

shattered, weak, or whole in various ways.

These angles of view influence how a person connects to their environment. Remen sees service as a means of expanding one’s knowledge and incorporating one’s own skills as well as those of others.

People frequently prefer to assist or repair to provide services. Remen gives examples of how an ER doctor might view childbirth as a service rather than a solution. She describes how a nurse went above and beyond the call of duty to help her by removing her ileostomy. She uses these instances to illustrate how experiences reduce the barrier between people. Remen demonstrates how helping others or fixing problems has a negative influence on humanity and all parties involved.


2nd assignment

Observational Journal

We have examined the concept of community and the opportunities and duties we have toward people within our communities this week through our readings and conversations. We have also started investigating the following course outcomes:

Read several texts and take notes on what you learn. – Critical Thinking: express a well-informed, personal viewpoint and demonstrate an understanding of his or her own biases; – Critical Thinking and Communication: consider the viewpoints of others, especially those that challenge his or her own; – Critical Thinking and Respect for Diversity: articulate how learning extends beyond the classroom. Communication, lifelong learning, social responsibility, and ethical conduct

Write in your journal about what you have discovered thus far from the readings, assignments, and conversations in the course (you are welcome to write about earlier weeks as well). To help you with your contemplation, respond to each of the following questions:

What, if anything, did you find particularly intriguing, difficult, or surprising? (10 points) Based on what you’ve learned so far, how can you relate this course to other learning opportunities you’ve had? Also, how do you believe this course will help you as you advance in college and in your career? (10pts)
How does your experience so far relate to the course outcomes (given above) for this week? (10pts)
What specific concepts can you utilize from the Starbucks book in your daily life or in your next career? (10 pts)
What are the remaining questions you want answered? (10pts)

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