‘using modern technologies to enhance competitive edge could have been an interesting typo after refining and focus.

Knowledge and Understanding • Introduction, RQ and rationale: The topic, ‘using modern technologies to enhance competitive edge could have been an interesting typo after refining and focus. It shows an adequate understanding of the Travel and tourism industry and services engravement using IT. • It evidences a very limited understanding of identifying a focused problem/ research questions/objective. There is some attempt to introduce the topic. • Literature Review: mostly descriptive literature on the usage of IT and online in the services. The literature evidences a basic knowledge and understanding of identifying the key concepts and link back to the research problem. Intellectual and Cognitive • Focus, interconnection, and coherence: The work has very limited coherence among chapters. • Literature Review: There is enough description on using IT in customising services and customer satisfaction etc. it has limited critical analysis and synthesising of arguments from literature and interrelation among the concepts- Technology and competitive advantage etc, • Research Methodology: Not any separate chapter on methodology is given. A small para on page 13 says it is qualitative research based on semi-structured interviews. Data analysis, findings, and discussion: Mostly descriptive literature. • Problem solving, Structure, communications, arguments, coherence, referencing: There is a limited attempt to put different chapters of the research project report. Areas for improvement Knowledge and Understanding • Introduction, RQ and rationale: The background could have been analytical and should have explained the meaning of modern technofixes, what are you focusing on and why and what would be measurements or indicators of competitive advantages. The objectives needed to be specific and focused. • Literature Review: A basic knowledge of literature review as it has more of description (like a descriptive essay) and no critical analysis by focusing on some specific elements of technology and its consequences on competitive advantage. It lacks proper citations, lacks the concepts or theory and models to support the arguments. The literature could have more coherent arguments and should have critically analyse all the concepts and their interrelationship as per your title- Modern technology and competitive advantage. • Though there are a range of sources cited, however, the there is much more scope improve analysis on the concepts of the discipline -Travel & tourism, It or other related technofixes, Competitive advances in form of differentiations cost focus leadership via Customised services, CRM and other related competitive edges Intellectual and Cognitive • Focus, interconnection, and coherence: The work could have a systematic way of defining and solving a research problem ( Problem, objectives, theoretical model for the problem, a methodology for data collection and analysis, and findings with conclusions and recommendations), • Literature Review: The literature has limited analysis of key theories or concepts (e.g. impacts of technologies, competitive advantages-indicators). The literature review could have been more coherent flowy and with in-depth critical analysis and evaluations on the independent and dependent variables. You should undertake detailed critical analysis Your literature should conclude with a conceptual model on; use of a specific technology in a specific area of the business and cores posing improvement in specific indicators of competitive advantages. • Research Methodology: No attempt to describe, chose and justify any research methodology(except a claim on page 13 that semi-structured interviews were conducted ) Thus there is a limited evidence of knowledge and understanding of chosing and applying a right research methodology. The student should have chosen and analysed the choice of research methodology (approach, qualitative /quantitative methods, data sources, sampling, data analysis, etc) and justify the same. Also, provide explanations and methods for ethical considerations. • Data analysis, findings, and discussion: No separate chapter of the findings. It again appears as some literature descriptions with some claims that findings confirmed literature. And then it describes a four-stage process of use of Technology. You need data and then analyse that data for results. The results needed to be interpreted, critically analysed and discussed with the literature review. • Recommendations and Conclusion: The conclusion is a basic description of the literature review and not any results of thee qualitative interviews (as was briefly claimed). The skills of identifying and solving the problem require improvement and an understanding of the process of RM to solve a problem. The student has identified some very long set of generic recommendations. The conclusions and recommendations should be insightful and clearly linked to your research aims and based on your data and your findings from the data analysis Graduate Skills Problem solving, Structure, communications, arguments, coherence, referencing: The work is presented and written in quite descriptively. There are no pointers to the readers about chapters and stages of solving a problem. You needed to solve your research problem – Modern technology and competitive advantages (of course you need to refine the tile and objectives and so other chapters also

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